Privacy Policy

The trust that you show on us by using our services, is very important to us and we do everything to keep it intact. We make sure to maintain the credibility of our clients and have taken all possible safety measures in order to do so.

Your personal details are must in order to provide you loans. The information we need in order to process your application consists of your name, address, date of birth, gender, occupation, income, bank account number, email address, phone number, social security number etc. None of these details are shared with a third party without your prior consent. These particulars are asked only for the purpose of serving you better.

As a Loan Short Term consumer, you have all rights to make inquiries about the privacy of the details provided by you. We are confident in assuring you of a secured loan process with us. Our team is fully skilled in protecting your crucial personal details. Personal data of all borrowers is stored and processed only on our computers. We have put all the available safeguards to defend the received data from unauthorized access.

When you visit our website to browse through it, our system keeps track of the date and time of your visit, pages you visited, personal details that you entered and the place from where you accessed our site. This information is used merely for internal research and is kept totally confidential. This is done just to keep our site updated according to its popularity and to observe the needs of people.

When you apply for loans at Loan Short Term, you can rest assured about the safety of our online loan procedure. Keeping your personal information secure is as essential for us as it is for you. So, apply for loans with us without worrying about your privacy.